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Train yourself to the highest standard with Kawasaki

Why train with KRTS?

What you get with KRTS:

  • High standards of training & service.
  • Free advice & guidance from the KRTS Contact Centre.
  • Insurance premium discounts offered by major UK Insurance Underwriters.
  • Train on well-maintained quality Kawasaki machines.
  • Equipped with clean and proper fitting protective clothing.
  • £100 voucher towards the purchase of a New Kawasaki.
  • £50 voucher towards the purchase of a Used Kawasaki.
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KRTS Courses

Kawasaki Two Wheeled Experience

'Come on, have a go, you'll love it' Designed for the complete novice, the Kawasaki Two Wheeled Experience will leave you wanting more.

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Compulsory Basic Training

Great news, you've decided to ride a motorcycle. Compulsory Basic Training or CBT as it is referred to, is the first step you need to take in the world of motorcycling.

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Kawasaki Licence Upgrade Course

This bespoke 2½ day course has been specially designed for those who already have motorcycle licence, ride regularly and want to move to the next licence stage (for example A2 to Full A licence).

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Kawasaki Bespoke Rider Training Services

Because here at Kawasaki we know that you lead full and busy lives, we have put together a bespoke rider training package that can be tailored to fit your needs.

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Kawasaki Rider Training Licence Course

New to riding? Why not book the entire package together? This 5 day course is designed for those of you who want to go from 'walker' to 'rider' in one sitting.

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Optional KRTS Courses

If you have a current DL196 (CBT pass certificate) but would like to build your skill set to make you safer on that daily commute, this course is for you.

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